Stress-eating has been taken to a whole new level these days.
Pandemic-living has become the new normal and, unfortunately, so has pandemic-eating:

  • 10pm kitchen raids to satisfying your intense cravings for sweets 
  • Friday happy-hour has turned into nightly happy hour thanks to the stress of working-from-home AND homeschooling your kids
  • One piece of pizza always turns into three no matter how many promises you make to yourself

We both know that if things continue this way the dreaded "Corona-15" will turn into "Corona-30" before summer.

You. Can. Do. This.

You are here because you've had enough.

Enough of the Monday morning "start overs" after a weekend of sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Enough spending on yet another diet plan that you'll eventually quit on because it's too hard to sustain.

Enough of the anxiety about whether or not the pants that fit you last winter will still fit you this year.

You are ready for permanent change.

Permanent change means finally putting yourself first so that you never have to worry about your pants fitting again.

This time will be different because you are different.

I know, because I've been there.

I used to comfort myself with food and wine after a long, stressful day of work.

Or "treat" myself to ice cream or some other sweet on what became a daily basis.

I would "reward" myself with foods and drinks that I knew were keeping me overweight, but I couldn't imagine not doing it. It was like those foods had power over me.

I lost 30 lbs. years ago and have kept it off with almost minimal effort by changing my relationship with food.

I have now coached dozens of women to do the same. 

I can help you, too.

You might be thinking...

I've tried everything... how do I know this will work?

I'd tried everything, too. You name it-- Weight Watchers, Paleo, South Beach-- I did it. And nothing worked in the long run because diets only treat the symptom, not the problem.

The problem is more than just what we're eating. Once you understand why you're eating foods that sabotage your weight loss goals and couple that with eating the foods that allow your body to naturally drop weight you've solved the problem, permanently

That's exactly what the 90 Days to Food Freedom program teaches you to do.

I'm so busy! I don't have the time to do this right now.

If you added up all of the time you've spent googling answers to your weight loss questions, researching new diets, counting calories or macros, and then agonizing over food and weight, how much time would you say you've spent? 

Now imagine never having to do that again. Imagine a life where you no longer have to figure out how to lose weight or maintain your natural weight. Imagine how much time you would save! 

What would you invest that time in? Your career? Your family? Your health?

I don't have the money to invest in this right now.

This program is designed to be the last investment in weight loss that you ever have to make.

You will learn not only exactly what to eat to make your weight fall off, but you'll also gain all of the mindset tools to keep it off forever.

What is that worth to you?

"What's wrong with me?"

Is this question familiar? Many women think there's something wrong with them that they haven't been able to stop overeating and lose weight. And then when they have an opportunity like this one they feel too afraid to take it.

"What's wrong with me??"

I'm here to tell you exactly what's wrong with you.

N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Absolutely nothing.

There is a simple explanation as to why you feel afraid: your brain is just trying to protect you from another round of disappointment and failure.

This is called self-sabotage. Don't let it get the best of you because this time is different.

This is one thing you haven't tried yet and you're future self will thank you for it.

The time is now. You got this.

Lisa's Story

Meet Lisa. When we first had our strategy call together, she was discouraged. She'd been at war with her body for ages and had tried every diet and exercise regimen in the book.

Everyday events-- meeting up with a friend, sitting in an airplane seat, taking family photos-- were colored by constant anxiety, self-loathing, and fears of how people might judge her.

Every time she walked in a room she would scan for someone--anyone--bigger than her, only to confirm her fear that she was the biggest one there. She felt like walking proof of her "failure".

She suspected weight loss coaching would also be a failure.

But she took one last chance on herself and, fast forward to today, Lisa is 74 pounds lighter!! She learned how to eat in a way that felt like love AND allowed her body to lose weight.

Lisa's journey started here, right where you are today. Here's what she wants to say to you:

“Dare.  Dare yourself.  Believe in yourself one last time.  No diet you have ever tried will compare to working with Lia.  She will teach you the tools you need and see you like no one else has.  She held my hope and belief in myself until I was ready to carry them myself.” 

-- Lisa B.

The 90 Days to Food Freedom Program
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As any good cook would tell you, quality ingredients are crucial for any 90 Days to Food Freedom.

In the first four weeks of the program I am going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to lose weight using the most up-to-date science backed research available.

By the end of this first phase you won't ever have to waste time googling "how to fix my slow metabolism" again!!

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After you know exactly how to lose weight you'll be ready to learn how to actually keep it off. Prepare to be MIND-BLOWN. 

You will learn how to stop sabotaging yourself by using powerful mindset tools that teach you how to actually think differently about food.

After this phase nothing will ever be the same (in a good way!!).

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Once you've got all that you need-- ingredients + tools-- you'll have time to practice in a supportive group of badass women.

Together we will implement the essential habits, practices, and mindsets that make for not only permanent weight loss but an entire lifestyle upgrade.

Prepare to uplevel your life and I'll be with you every step of the way. 

"I've lost 20 lbs during the program and keep losing.
I've gained so much in terms of my sense of love and worth. "
--Amy M.
Here's What You Get:
  1. Small group coaching sessions with me and a group of badass, like-minded women
  2. Spotlight coaching where you can bring your unique experiences to the call to be coached directly by me
  3. Three private, one-to-one coaching sessions with me to create a custom blueprint for your success
  4. Exclusive membership to our community of supportive women that is second-to-none-- we laugh, we cry, and we get RESULTS!
  5. Access to our private 90 Days to Food Freedom Facebook group where you can get ongoing support for the duration of the program

"I've lost 18 pounds! I have been able to break away from emotional eating and use the tools I've learned to lose weight quickly all in only a couple of months.

--Sara B.

Hey Lady. I'm Lia Pinelli.

I help badass women ditch the diet drama and lose weight from a place of love.

A serial dieter and guilt-driven exerciser since the age of nine, I had struggled my entire life with my weight and relationship with food.

You name the diet, I've done it... including a bout with disordered eating when the pressure got serious as an undergrad at UC Berkeley.

But what bothered me most wasn't actually my weight. It was my relationship to food.

Food overpowered me. "What's wrong with me?"

I was often overly hungry and had strong cravings for sweets, pasta, and wine. This resulted in a cycle of guilt, shame, and self-loathing. And that shit is exhausting.

So I gave up dieting all together, but the drama in my head continued. 

I would still constantly worry about what I was eating, still feeling out of control, and then I would fret about what I ate and plan to "work it off" with exercise, but that never seemed to work either.

Until the day that it stopped, permanently. 

What changed was that I learned there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. That my voracious appetite and cycle of eating and self-loathing wasn't my fault.

I trained as a weight loss coach and acquired the tools that allowed me to have my power back.

Food no longer controls me, I confidently and calmly control it.

And that, my friends, is freedom.

It is now my mission to help other women take their power back from food so that they, too, can ditch the diet drama and spend time on what really matters-- their families, careers, and lives.

One more thing...

I want you to know I see you. You are standing at a crossroads.

In one direction is the same set of decisions you've always made guaranteeing you the same set of results.

In the other direction is a totally new set of possibilities with a totally new set of results.

It can be scary to explore unknown possibilities and that's why I'll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Saying this one yes can change everything and create a ripple effect that will last a lifetime, maybe even generations (yeah, I'm looking at you mamas with daughters!)

Imagine the moment when you finally do return to work or put on that dress for that big event you can't wait to go to, how good you will feel in the body that you feel really, really good in.

Imagine what your life will look like when you have the exact perfect plan for your body and life and can live stress-free about food?

It's worth it because you are worth it.


How many women have done the program and not lost weight? Zero. I have yet to have a client who implements the program with fidelity and doesn't lose weight.

What if I have a unique health condition, can you help me? I am not a medical doctor but I have worked with women with a wide range of unique health conditions in concert with their doctors and they've been able to be successful. The two included private sessions allow us to customize the program for your specific needs under the guidance of your medical professional. 

Will I be able to get personalized coaching in the group? Yes! Each week we do Spotlight coaching which is an opportunity to get coached directly by me in the group. Plus you'll have three private sessions with me and an opportunity to up level for more.

When and where do we meet? Each Monday at 5pm PST for 12 weeks we meet via Zoom starting May 24th.

What if I have to miss a session? Not to worry! If you have to miss a session you can always catch the replay as each session will be recorded.

Other questions? Email me at

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