Eating Without Fear
Eating Without Fear
How I Stopped Overeating & 
Lost 7 lbs.Without Trying

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The 7-Day Cycler 
Monday Morning: I'm determined to stick to my diet this week. I blew it (big time) over the weekend but I'll make up for it this week by being good and working out extra-- I'm committed!

Friday Night: I'm face-first in a pile of nachos and pitcher of margaritas with my colleagues. I've been good all week and I deserve it!  I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Saturday Morning: I wake up with total regret, hit the gym to work it off, and then find myself getting a case of the "F*ck Its" by evening and indulging in more non-diet food. I promise myself I'll get back on the wagon on Monday.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
The Yoga-Pants-for-Lifer

I loathe getting dressed. It's the worst! Everyday my pants get tighter and tighter. Eventually they won't button at all.

So instead of feeling crappy every time I have to get dressed, I opt for yoga pants or sweats everyday. Bring on the elastic waistlines!

But I'm anxious for the day I'm going to have to put on something more structured and face the weight I've gained.

The Secret Eater

The birthday cake at the kids's party? No problem. I can resist  all day long.

In fact, I'm a really healthy eater.

But once the kids are asleep and I'm alone it feels like NOTHING can keep me from raiding the sweets in the kitchen.

I tell myself I'm going to have just one, but it never ends there. I always end up feeling ashamed and angry at myself.

What is wrong with me?!?!

The Cravings Caver

My problem is that I have no willpower.

I have strong cravings for foods I know are keeping me overweight, yet I feel powerless to stop overeating.

I know what I need to do to lose weight, I just can't stick with it-- I always sabotage myself!

Why can't I just eat like a normal person??

Eating Without Fear changed my life .
Let it change yours.
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I'm Ready to Stop Overeating!
  • Enjoying ONE small piece of cake at a birthday party and not thinking twice about it.
  • Passing on seconds because you're truly not hungry even though the pasta is really good tonight.
  • Living a life where food and dieting doesn't consume 80%+ of your mental real estate.
  • Feeling really good in your own skin.
  • Rocking a bathing suit at the beach this summer and feeling confident.
  • Knowing you're pants will fit every time you put them on.
  • Never, ever dieting again and living at your natural weight with minimal effort.
Learn to Eat Without Fear

I used to be in your shoes until I discovered 3 simple tools that allowed me to lose 7 lbs. without dieting.

With a little practice you, too, can access these same tools and benefits.

In fact, you can start TODAY. The entire training is done in under 20 minutes!

Eating Without Fear gives you step-by-step instructions on how to...

  1. Identify physical versus emotional hunger
  2. Eat only when you are truly hungry
  3. Stop when you're full (yes, it's actually possible!)

If you find yourself overeating and want to stop, Eating Without Fear is made for you.

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I help chronic over-givers invest in themselves and break free from diet drama. I teach my clients how to crack the code on their relationship with food and weight, and create harmony between their brains and their bodies so they can lose weight from a place of love.
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